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Center Stage

logo_yamahaTaking center stage in the music room and visible from the front foyer, the sight of Yamaha’s DC2XE3 Disklavier reproducing piano creates a rich, welcoming atmosphere upon entering the home. Add in the fullness of the concert grand sound, and it leaves guests with a lasting first impression.

The brilliant, glossy black finish creates a striking contrast to the light grey walls and off white music canvases behind. With the undeniable quality and beauty of the Yamaha CX Series grand pianos, this acoustic heirloom instrument is the hub of intrigue on the main level.

The piano not only adds beauty to the décor, but also life to the home. With the Disklavier technology, the piano can play itself (all 88 keys, damper pedal, shift pedal and sostenuto pedal) with perfection. The Disklavier is a modern day version of the player piano, but the technology, born into the piano rather than retrofit, does not affect the playability of the piano. The piano can play from internal memory, CD’s, USB drives, or the Internet, through the control of your smartphone or tablet. Imagine the ability to effortlessly have a concert grand acoustic instrument play during gatherings or just as a soundtrack while you eat your breakfast.

Placed in the center of the main floor and with its 11 volume settings, the piano can be adjusted to ensure that the music projects throughout the home, yet never disturbs. With the volume set at its lowest levels, the E3 can play whisper-soft sounds while retaining all of the clarity you expect from a Yamaha acoustic piano. The piano can also play silently with headphones for private practice

This Yamaha piano, considered to be the best in the world, has such beauty and quality acoustics that piano players are drawn to the instrument. Another amazing feature of the Disklavier piano is the ability to preserve musical memories through the piano’s built-in recording function. Whether it’s a child’s first recital or an in-home concert, the entire performance, including all key presses, pedal movements and dynamics will be recorded and stored in the piano’s internal memory. Then, your recorded performance will play back with perfect timing to the optional CD or video sync.

The features and usability of the piano don’t stop with just the acoustics of the instrument. Fully integrated into the home’s automation system and equipped with DisklavierTV, concerts can be simultaneously displayed on any of the home’s televisions and played through any of the speakers while the keys play on the piano in perfect sync with the video. DisklavierTV service, powered by RemoteLive technology, offers a wide variety of On Demand Content (full concert performances as well as individual song selections) in addition to many LIVE concert broadcasts. In actuality, the on-screen pianist may be playing this piano from thousands of miles away!

For those who just like having piano music in the home, there’s the Yamaha PianoRadio service, which provides uninterrupted streams of music on over 25 different channels featuring a variety of genres to match your mood.

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