Insidesign Innovation House

Whole House Envelope


For a home with a large air volume and number of doors and windows, climate control is a difficult task. The design team decided to take preventative measures by investing early to save in the long run. Foam insulation costs 2-3 times that of conventional fiberglass insulation, but the energy savings and other benefits outweigh the initial investment.

While the R-value of foam insulation is comparable to that of fiberglass batting, the true advantage is the inhibition of airflow-the biggest culprit in energy loss. Removing the need for ventilation in the attic and basement keeps these areas within 10 degrees of the climate controlled rooms of the house, as well as sealing off entrances for pests, opportunities for mold, and intrusion of noise from the outside.

Southern Foam and Coating installed Icynene in all exterior walls from the foundation throughout the roof system, enveloping the house. Southern Foam and Coating completed the installation, including a fire blocking treatment, leaving the structure ready for the next step of construction within a week’s time.

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