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Efficiency Experts

ClimateControl_87To meet the HVAC and indoor air quality needs of the showhouse, our design team turned to Service Experts, who sell and install more system solutions than any other contractor in the country. To heat and cool the 7,200 square feet in the main living area of the home, Service Experts installed three Lennox high efficiency 21 seer outdoor compressor units (3-ton for the master suite, 4-ton for the remainder of the first floor, and 5-ton for the second floor). Service Experts evaluated the needs for the home, determined the appropriate system components, installed a custom system and programmed the multi-stage units to operate with highest efficiency. Color touch screen thermostats allow effortless system control. Currently, the home is averaging a $150/month gas and a $300/month power bill in winter. This significant cost saving is a testament to the competent assessment and quality installation of Service Experts. Service Experts also provides every client with a Three Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, unparalleled in the HVAC industry. If the customer isn’t totally satisfied in the first three years after purchase, Service Experts will make every effort to correct any issues regarding the workmanship of the installation, with no questions asked.

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