Insidesign Innovation House

Insulating Attic Access

logo (5)Our design team worked hard not only to accentuate the architectural beauty of our show house, but also to locate and source products providing convenient solutions, luxurious amenities, and energy savings to our homeowners. As such, our team added the “Energy-Saver” insulating package from The Marwin Company to the home’s attic access points. Marwin’s doors and stairs with their factory applied weather-stripping significantly reduces air leaks and can withstand temperatures up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The a stripping is securely fastened and won’t peel off or curl-up like most adhesive backed, field applied, “foam” weather-stripping. The extra tall aluminum constructed stair easily accommodated the home’s high 12 foot ceilings and allows for a 375 pound duty rating.

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