Insidesign Innovation House

Versitle Furnishings


A combination of Lovesac sactional pieces, sacs, and accessories provide all the furniture solutions for the showhouse media room. The versatile sactionals, with their endless arrangements, beautifully integrate with the multifunctional use of the room. Bases and Sides can be combined into hundreds of configurations allowing our design team to build a sectional sofa around the room to accomodate space for the golf simulator or a luxurious movie-style seating arrangement with ottomans for the most comfortable viewing experience, all with the same sactional pieces. Our design team selected the seawater rhinoplush fabric covers with the muted blue-gray tone to compliment the gray wall and dark brown hardwoods of the room. The team then accentuated the media room with the Eskimo Phur covered Supersac and pillows. This fabric, especially on the oversized shreeded durafoam filled sac, looks as soft as it feels and has a way of drawing you into the room. The accessories such as the You-Table and You-Drink round out the functionality of Lovesac by adding the ability to have drink holders and coffee tables within reach and fully integrated into the sactional.

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