Insidesign Innovation House

Utility with Style


Our design team stretched for a contemporary look for the men’s half bath with Kohler’s Purist collection. The wall-mount vanity provides ample storage space in a stylish modular design. The large, slow-close drawer offers quiet use, while premium hardwood veneers create a beautiful wood grain exterior. An innovative moisture-resistant finish protects the vanity from water damage. Capturing the calm of a reflecting pool, the Purist Wading Pool sink offers sleek, angular lines and a shallow basin to transform the bathroom into a spa environment.

This fireclay sink adds a peaceful feeling to the room with its minimalist style. The Purist mirrored cabinet with integral Laminar faucet works together with the other Purist products to form a completely unique design solution that emphasizes the grace and beauty of water. And no man’s bathroom would be complete without a urinal. Our design team selected the Steward waterless urinal from Kohler for its sleek design, functionality, easy to maintain performance, and water savings.

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