Insidesign Innovation House

Home Automation

Creating an atmosphere where technology seems to be as much a part of the design as the floorplanis a job for the pros.  Creating meaningful automation can make a designer home into a surreal environment for living.  Our design team brought in Atlanta Audio Video Solutions, the city’s premier audio/video full service firm, to help coordinate and implement a customized atmosphere for entertainment and adaptable lifestyle.

The first challenge in adding automation to Innovation House was selecting the central control platform.  There are several brands of central controls out there that offer many “seemingly” similar options for integration of computer network systems, music, video distribution, lighting, security, climate control and temperature management.  It is important to note that all these options are not created equal.  To ensure this home had the highest quality interface, most stable platform and ability to fully customize, our design team chose Control4 as the central automation control.

In addition to the sleekest user interface, Control4 offers 7” portable and wall-mounted touch screen controllers with built-in cameras that deliver always-on, dedicated system control with full motion video intercom for communication all over the home.  The door station with video and audio intercom experience adds an extra layer of security and visibility to its ancient predecessor, the doorbell.   All these features are made even more usable with the MyHome App for smartphones and tablets giving you functionality and control from anywhere with 3G, 4G or internet access.

With the state of the art central automation control in place, specific components were chosen to add horsepower, complete full functionality, and personalize the automation system.  Components from the following brands were incorporated to finish the installation: Wyrestorm, Netgear, Cleerline Technologies, Tripp Lite and Mi Casa Verde.  Check out the Innovation House automation system inforgraphic below to learn more about the system’s unique components.

(TOP) Rack Layout from Top to Bottom:

1. Netgear ReadyNAS hard drive

This state of the art control system is made truly functional with the help of the mass storage ReadyNAS by Netgear.  This bank of mega memory not only stores every file you could imagine with space left over, but it incorporates easy ReadyCLOUD for remote access file management, media streaming and system backup functionality built-in, a real bonus.
Behind top rail: 2.Netgear GS752TP network switch

A quite leader in this powerhouse stack, the Netgear GS7552TP 48 port network switch provides connectivity to make this complex system react with nimble agility.  With the many POE (powered over Ethernet) devices throughout the home, this switch handles complex data distribution with ease and gigabit speed.

3. Control4 HC-250 Home Controller

This is the real brain of the system offering control at an unbeatable value.  Great for single room control platforms, universal remote replacement or the best way to provide on screen control to every TV in the home.

4. Control4 IO Extender

With the size of Innovation House and number of devices, the IO Extender adds more control capacity to the HC-250 with extended IR and serial outputs making this control system something from the next generation.

5. Mi Casa  Verde Vera Lite

Interfacing with the z-wave technology in the RF light switch controls from Cooper wiring devices was made simple with Mi Casa Verde’s Vera Lite controller.  This small, affordable box magically connects all the lighting controls in the home to the central control system.

6. Control4 Wireless Music Bridge

The newest kid on the block, the wireless music bridge brings enjoyment from your phone, tablet, or computer through the Control4 system.  Having wireless connectivity with streaming music services delivers maximum flexibility for music listening.

7. Wyrestorm Video Matrix

Having to go to a sports bar to get live action on multiple TV’s is now a thing of the past.  The Wyrestorm MX-0808 Pro Plus offers affordable access to Class B HDBaseT platform allowing any 8 HDMI inputs to be distributed independently and simultaneously up to 230’ to any of the 8 HD output displays connected to the matrix.

8. (2) Power Controllers

9. (2) Surround Sound Amplifiers

10. Control4 Audio Matrix Switch

Video is not the only thing that can be distributed seamlessly.  The Audio Matrix Switch enables up to 16 different audio sources in 16 different zones for incredible music distribution with matrix switching to gain control for every zone.   Listen to anything you want anywhere, anytime.

11. (2) Control4 Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Speakers in every room of the house are not overrated.  Walking from outside to inside, from room to room with even sound or separate audio inputs can be euphoric.  The multi-channel amplifiers give the punch and distribution to every, almost invisible, in-ceiling speaker from Tru Audio.

12. Tripp Lite UPS

Avoiding damage to all the state of the art equipment in this control rack is nonnegotiable.  Atlanta Audio Video Solutions chose Tripp Lite’s Smart1500 LCD UPS to provide backup power to this impressive lineup.  Providing up to 75 minutes of backup power to the entire system is no problem for this low profile unit.

(Bottom) On the ground to the right

13. Tripp Lite SRCOOL 12k

It’s not just Atlantans that function better with a little air conditioning.  This high powered rack is full of complex computer systems that need to stay cool to run at optimal efficiency, a perfect job for the Tripp Lite SRCOOL 12k.  This portable AC unit created specifically for this application easily keeps the generously sized AV room at perfect temperature with ease.

Shown in front

Control4 portable touch screen and designated remote
Behind Rack

14. Cleerline Technology and Planet Waves connectors and cabling

You can imagine the complexity of connecting all of these cutting edge components could make a bowl of spaghetti look organized.  Thanks to the innovated products from Cleerline Technology and Planet Waves, all audio lines and hdmi cabling were easily custom sized for a neat and clean installation with universal connectors.

AV 1 AV 2 AV 3 AV 4 AV 5 Media Room 11 Music Room 9p

Sources:  Full audio/video/network installation by Atlanta Audio Video Solutions.  7” touchscreens, door station, IO extender, Audio matrix switch, HC-250 Home Controller, Multi-channel amplifier, MyHome App, and wireless music bridge by Control4.  Video Matrix by Wyrestorm, GS752TP network switch, ReadyNAS, R6300 router, and NeoTV Max by Netgear,  VeraLite by Mi Casa Verde, HDMI cabling and custom sized connectors by Cleerline Technology Group and Planet Wave. SRCOOL 12k and UPS by Tripp Lite.