Insidesign Innovation House

Audio Integration

CaptureAlthough the concert grand grounding the music room is a staple of any serious music setup, it can take more than just a piano to give the ultimate music performance. To integrate other audio inputs such as guitars, microphones, and any other instruments, the design team chose a selection of
equipment form Harman® including the Lexicon® FW810s audio interface, RP355 and BP355 guitar/bass processors from DigiTech® and AKG® microphones.  This equipment, positioned in a designated Tripplite short rack to the left of the piano, is a powerful interface for daily practice or accommodation for a full band. This setup, with the Lexicon FW810s acting like an on site input mixer that is also tied in to the whole home audio distribution,supports effortless plug and play through speakers in any room in the home or outside.

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