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Our design team added soft, livable finishing touches to the home with a variety of incredibly life-like faux floral arrangements, plants, and trees from Distinctive Designs. These allergy-friendly and maintenance-free plants create fresh environments throughout the home. Fiddle Leaf Trees soften the corners and enrich the appeal of the living room, music room, office, and dining rooms. Distinctive Designs’ Trees and Topiaries are indispensable furnishings because of their styling, state-of-the-art foliage, natural trunks, stalks and exclusive planters.

A concrete oval urn full of basil and assorted grasses add a pop of color in the middle of the living room. The Waterlook Silk Calla Lilies staged in the master bathroom and kitchen create the illusion of fresh-cut flowers in water. Each bloom, leaf and stem is individually wired to maintain realistic form, while the subtle colorations, shadings and striations in the natural flower are duplicated to perfection allowing for a beautiful finishing touch that is photography ready at any time.

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